Monday, January 21, 2013

Escaping reality.

Welcome to my blog!  Here you will find a collection of my manicures, including nail art tutorials and nail polish reviews.  I hope you all enjoy reading about my slight obsession for nail polish!

I recently made a trip out to Westminster, Ca to Imperial Beauty Supply at the recommendation of a friend on Instagram (thank you, Maria! - @nailsmadesimple).  Let me tell you- this was definitely worth the hour and fifteen minute drive it took to get there (and that is no traffic on the 405!).  The polishes were soooo cheap! I was in nail polish heaven.  I am glad I only took out a certain amount of cash because it could have been bad for my bank account!  They had brands such as OPI, China Glaze, Nubar, Orly, Jessica, Seche Vite, Essie, etc.  So fun!

One of the polishes I picked up was Escaping Reality by China Glaze from their recent Cirque du Soleil Worlds Away collection.  It is a gorgeous bright pink that leans almost neon.  It dries with a wax-like finish, not matte like normal neons, but not shiny like cremes.  Also, it has a semi jelly opacity to it - a crelly!!

I decided to pair this beauty with the simplicity of black, and I chose OPI Black Onyx to use on my other nails.  I also used a small nail art brush to add an angled leopard design to the accent nails.

I am loving this design!  I was in the mood for something fun and bright since the weather here is warming up.  This bright pink definitely adds that touch of flare to brighten up the mani.  What do you all think?  Did you get any polishes from the Cirque du Soleil Worlds Away collection?

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