Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Purple nails for Boston.

Good morning everyone!  I am sure, by now, that you have all heard about the horrific tragedy that occurred yesterday at the Boston Marathon.  Such a sad day, and my heart goes out to all of those affected and injured.  It makes me sick to think about how sad and dangerous our world is, and that you cannot even be safe running a marathon - such a momentous and amazing day in a person's life, only to be devastated by the acts of a sick individual.

Yesterday, I saw a tag being passed around on Instagram to paint your nails purple for Boston (#purplenailsforboston).  Along with others in the nail art community, I wanted to show my solidarity with Boston and those injured that we are with them and that we will stand strong through this.

I used China Glaze Spontaneous, Sally Hansen Lacey Lilac, and OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls.

I pray that the individual(s) involved will be captured soon, and justice will be served.  Nothing can bring back the lives that were lost or complete comfort to those that were injured, but we must stand strong through any sort of terrorism and come together.

My prayers go out to Boston.


  1. Really cute! Thanks for the support!

  2. Gorgeous nail art, the purple heart is especially fitting!

  3. This is so pretty, and the purple is gorgeous. Such a great tribute :)


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