Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sinful Shine My Kryptonite and Most Sinful.

Hi everyone!  As I have been promising, here are the swatches of the remaining two Sinful Colors Sinful Shine polishes that I picked up.

First up is My Kryptonite.  Super shiny and great coverage in only two coats.  Pictured is two coats, no top coat.  My only disappointment with this one is the staining that I had after removal.  And keep in mind, I only had this polish on for a few minutes for the swatch and pictures.  I really had to scrub my nails with a cotton ball and acetone to get it completely off, and there was still some staining left behind.  I can't imagine what it would have looked like if I had worn this color for even longer.

Now this one I love!  This is Most Sinful, which is identical to Endless Blue (also by Sinful Colors).  The only difference between the two is that Most Sinful dries with a gel-like appearance and is much shinier.  I can't get enough of the cobalt blues lately!

The Sinful Shine Collection by Sinful Colors is exclusive to Walgreens.  I paid $2.99 each.

Until next time...


  1. Wow, Give me Most Sinful now! It's such a gorgeous, vibrant blue!

  2. Question: Will I need to use a UV lamp with the Sinful Shine products?

  3. Love the color of "My Kryptonite", but the staining is horrible. A base coat is a must for this one.


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